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Our Services

An advertising agency "Effect Marketing" - one of the few, or perhaps the only which has access to all advertising in Donetsk: production and placement of outdoor advertising, development strategy of marketing and corporate identity, creation of web sites, all types of printing and much more . Our professional managers are ready to help you in implementation at advertising campaign of your dreams into reality.

For example, lets consider the process of buying any of the services the company "Effect Marketing" . So, you need to select three-five billboards in the cities of Donetsk and Makeevka (or in the Donetsk region).

If you are purchasing the service on your own:

1. You have to make contact with 3-5 owners of marketing services (and in the case of choise of billboards their number exceeds two dozen).

2. You are to call them and to get a table of billboards employment.

3. You ought to analyze and compare locations of billboards, tables of employment and price, to put reserves, to write letters of guarantee.

4. You have to develop a model of advertising, find lots printing companies, compare their prices, print a coloring test .

5. If you are satisfied, you have to print your model on paper or fabric banner.

6. You ought to pick up your model from a printing company, and carry it to another one - the owner of the chosen billboard (remember that you can go to a mediator, who resell the billboards, wich belongs to another company).

7. You are to get a photo report and approximately 10-15% discount from the price-list. You will spend a lot of time for these operations. On average - about 2 days, because you need to view thousands of billboards and dozens of employment's tables, make over than 20 calls, send some letters.

You simplify the procedure much more, using services of "Effect Marketing". If you are using our service, we offer you all advertising of Donetsk, but you have to do (for this example) only:

1. You have to formulate the problem (specification). If you dont have the model - we can produce it ourself.

2. You get pictures of billboards and choose what you need.

3. You get a photo report and... 10-15% discount from the price-list! Dont forget, we guarantee the quality of contractors services and supervise the process of providing the requested service.

As a result - you get effective results with minimum costs and maximum warranty. In addition, we cant overlook the fact that one company, firm, or a person cant be able to do all types of advertising, while the advertising agency "Effect Marketing" covers the full range of advertising services in Donetsk region.

The scheme described above is applicable to any of the represented advertising services, which include all types of advertising in Donetsk, you only have to make the right choice.

If you are interested in any marketing service presented on a site, you can call us (or write), using listed contacts. We will assign a personal manager and select a designer who has experience in developing models exactly for your business.