Advertising agency "Effect marketing" offers promotional product, which in recent years is considerable interest among advertisers. Indore TV - it is advertising on the screens with a diagonal of 42 inches, are placed in public places of potential consumers.

«INDOOR TV" has a number of features that provide several advantages of this advertising:

Provides an opportunity of selection of the target audience as income and consumption level.

Does not cause irritation of the audience, because occasionally diluted by music videos. Yes, and advertising can be done very colorful and attractive.

Please note, indoor-tv - it is not only broadcast video, and audio soundtrack, which is heard in all corners of the mall 10,000 people daily.

INDOOR TV today can be placed in any shopping center in Donetsk and in some universities of the city. These screens have a different price levels and, consequently, they have different efficiency and discount schemes.

The most efficient of INDOOR TV are screens that are located in major shopping centers (TC), Donetsk. First, this effect is achieved by a large number of screens themselves (8 - 18 screens in checkout areas, as well as in the sales area). Another reason for the popularity of TV Indore in shopping malls, this is a high level of attendance at such institutions.

In order for you to become oriented in the number of buyers on the next page we present some figures (from the offer of "Playmarket").

If the sum of these numbers, you will receive 141 screen and 830 740 POS transactions per week. In other words, over the last month your video and audio ads will hear and see almost the entire Donetsk!

But the cost of the service meets its quality. Here are approximate prices in UAH per minute broadcast, ie, at 15 for 4 seknudnom clip its output (eg per minute):

All kurpnyh shopping centers (see table), in the same shopping center - 3.6 UAH. per min or 0.9 USD for one way (15 sec) in the same shopping center with 1736 output per month.

In the shopping center " Belyi Lebed' " - 7 UAH / min. (1,75 UAH. For an exit in 1364 when new. Per month)

In TC "Donetsk City" - 7.90 UAH / min. (1,98 UAH per output with 1488 new. Per month)

Calculate the media plan for Example 3:

Rent a movie in 15 seconds in all the major shopping center in Donetsk, except for "Donetsk City" and " Belyi Lebed' ": 0.9 * 1736 = 1562 USD / month for a shopping center. During the ten shopping centers will be 15 620 USD, respectively.

Monthly rotation of 15-second spot in the "Donetsk City" and in the shopping center "Belyi Lebed": 1.75 * 1364 1.98 * 1488 = 2387 + 2946 = 5333 USD / month.

In order to "cover the entire Donetsk" You need a little more than 23 thousand UAH (including the shopping center "Continent," "Zolotoe Kol'tso" and the universities). This - the approximate average price of ten billboards around the city. So what conclusions do yourself. Note the high image component video advertising.

Please note - if your business is localized in one area, it makes sense to order a translation in one or two nearby supermarkets.

SEC "Zolotoe kol'tso" (the average number of visitors ranges from 31-41 thousand people per day, over 11,000 sq. m. Area) and the SEC "Continent" (over 23,100 sq. m. Area) are sold together or separately.

One of the most interesting proposals for the price / quality ratio.

Confused themselves only a small number of plasma screens, which is somewhat offset by a good location:

Total - 8 Plasma panaley two shopping centers. To 50 outputs per day in each mall. Price - about 3.5 USD. minute broadcast. In this case, when signing a contract for long-term discounts. A complete advertising campaign for timekeeping 15 seconds. will cost about 2,000 hryvnia per month!

Please note that the shopping center "Golden Ring" is located on one of the main traffic intersections of the city. The sound of your advertising to hear of all the nearby bus stops!

SEC "Continent":

One of the variations of indoor-tv is the placement of such advertisements in the salons of MAZ buses, plying on various routes in Donetsk