SMS sending

 SMS sending – is one of the fastest and most confortable ways to send text information. So they are effective to attract new customers and inform the older ones.

The service is an effective method of informing clients and campaigns, as applies of all customers by means of  one text message.

There are two types of such services:

1. Inform existing customers of actions, workshops, and  news of the using customers databases Company.

2. Attracting new customers of selected rooms and segmented our own databases. 

The advantages of using the service:

1. It is possible to choose any name of the sender.  At the same time by mailing to the mailing sender's list name may vary. For example, in one mailing sender may appear as in SMS as "X-Trade" and the other as "Attantion, the action".

2. Ability to select the appropriate recipients in the database depending on your target audience.

3. Reasonable prices. The greater the volume of distribution, the better its value.

4. Advertising SMS message will be read, because  promotional messages from the phone are rarely removed without reading it.

5. You will always receive from us a detailed report about sending messages.

6. The traffic capacity is about 1000 messages per minute. Fees for sending SMS

Tariffs for SMS sending in Donetsk

Number of sent SMS (per calendar month) Price in USD. Including VAT for SMS sending to the fact
1-500 0.25
501-1000 0.164
1001-5000 0.24
5001-10000 0.154
10001-50000 0.23
50001-100000 0.144
100001-250000 0.22
250001-1000000 0.134