"Banner" and contextual advertising

Banner / media advertising plays an important role in the formation of image. The purpose of this ad - to ensure that the project became noticeable and recognizable, in addition, it must attract new visitors.

The advantages of banner advertising is:

  • Banner advertising - the only way to draw the attention of visitors to the network via a visual image. Other types of electronic advertising simply do not have.
  • A small cost compared to other types of advertising
  • Lack serious requirements for time and human resources.

The main drawback: A large number of non-target inspections.

Sample prices: from USD 800-3000. 10 000 hits in the Donetsk region for construction and advertising portals, news sites, women's magazines, etc.

Contextual advertising has the following advantages:

  • A clear geographical coverage, depending on the direction of advertising.
  • High-speed system setup and getting the effect of a short period of time
  • The possibility of receipt statistics on key demands
  • Minor comparative cost

However, contextual advertising has a significant drawback. The fact that manage campaigns that contain a large number of keywords, it is difficult.

Web site promotion in search engines

Especially note the need for an integrated approach when dealing with all kinds of advertisements and their harmonious and skillful combination.

Here are approximate prices for contextual advertising:

Contextual advertising (region - Donetsk) in USD:

The cost of making themselves banners ranges from $ 30 for the usual static banner up to 70 cu for flash banner  Banner's script included in the price of development.