Promotion of the site on the Internet 

Website Promotion in Donetsk - one of the most popular and lucrative forms of advertising that offers the  advertising agency "Effect Marketing." Statistic show that about 80% of visitors coming to the site, go to the project through a search engine.

Under the promotion of the site  we understand providing the popularity of your Internet resource within a given budget. Website Promotion in Donetsk lead to the fact that traffic to your site will reach the required level,  will see the site in the first positions in the lists of search engines. All this will allow you to not spend money on banner and contextual advertising. If you want to engage in the promotion of the site itself, you mast have the time and practice. It should be written in the form of a treaty, to fix it, what you pay for, and the end result that you promise.

 On average, the promotion of the site in Donetsk can cost 300-700 dollars. Depending on the complexity of promotion, the target region and the competitiveness of the market prices can be up to several thousand dollars. In each case, the price is calculated inpidually, because the need to analyze large amounts of data, write a good semantic core.

     SEO promotion. Quality assurance. SMM(Social Media Marketing)

     First, let's say once again about our guarantee - you pay the money only after both recorded in the contract goal will be achieved. The complex of the search promotion and support Web site includes the following works:

1) Audit website

  • Analysis of the domain Site
  • Creating a semantic core site
  • Analysis of the current position of the site to the core of semantic
  • Analysis of the statistics visit the site
  • Analysis of the content pages
  • Analysis software and code pages
  • Evaluation of design and analysis of convenience website
  • Analysis of competitors' sites

2) Optimization of the website

  •  Optimization of the link structure of the site
  •  Writing thematic articles for the inpidual target query (3-4 articles per month).
  •  Creation website-satelite (after 6 months of promotion)

3) Registration the website in thematic catalogs, on billboards. Placement of promotional articles in the special article directories

  • Creating forms for registration
  • Manually adding pages to search engines
  • Manual registration in major directories and message boards
  • Semi-automatic submission to directories and message boards ru-zone

4) Buying and placement of outbound links on the site (on the stock exchanges of links,

5) Small improvements to the site if necessary

Guaranteed results: the output of the project in the top search engines Google, Yandex for targeted requests related to the topics (the list of requests will be agreed separately) on the expiration of  2-6 months; support and strengthen the position of the project recruited, monitoring traffic, marketing project - tracking the number of calls,constant analysis the comfortable using of resources.

We provide and SMM-service, in addition, we can assist you in creating your own site.

 Prices for services:

 The minimum cost of this service is 2000UAH. Average – near 8000 UAH per month.