Creating a site in Donetsk

Advertising agency “Effect marketing” offers a service for creating sites in Donetsk. After all, today own online resource is almost indispensable element affecting the image of the company. Only large firms can afford massive online advertising. What can other companies do to avoid losing the aforesaid target audience?

The answer is simple: it’s necessary to create a web site in Donetsk, place it on the Internet and provide it with popularity in the target audience. After it, it will be possible to change banners with partners and on its web site to sell advertising.

Thus, with smaller investments for creating the site (compared to banner or contextual advertising campaign), as the result, you’ll get ads and own property as hyped online resource (site). With provision for two types of investments: payment for site creation and its “promotion”.

Price of creating the site in Donetsk is a complex of factors:

1. Design development price - 1000-2500 UAH.

2 . Price layout design on SMS - system - 1000 - 2500 UAH.

3 . Price of additional software modules (the price includes only two layout - usually a gallery and a contact form) - 300 UAH.

4 . Price extra “flash” and “3D” animation - from 200 UAH.

5 . The purchase price of a domain name and hosting - from 250 UAH.

The minimum price of a website with SMS - system is 3100 UAH. (Minimum price)

  • Cheap poster - from $ 200
  • Online shop - from 800 USD
  • Flash web site - from 380 USD

Our finished works:

  • – “Floresta”
  • - naming, corporate identity, logo and website of “Startak”
  • - Corporate Identity (adaptation), development of the site for “Seda”
  • - Development of corporate identity and logo for “NEP” (incidentally we made ​​the site)
  • - Development of corporate identity and logo for the company “Ukrgezmesk” (incidentally we made ​​the site)
  • - The official website for the People’s Deputy of Ukraine Mykola Levchenko
  • - Club store for children and parents
  • - paintball club
  • - Website of shopping center “Planet”
  • - Website of Uzov family clinic
  • - site “Insurance guarantees”
  • - Website of “NHT Global”
  • - Publishing Website “East press plus”
  • - Site devoted to the construction of a temple
  • - Recreation “Romashka”
  • - Beauty Studio “Glamour”
  • - Advertising agency “OK”
  • - Site devoted to cosmetics
  • - Donetsk milling center
  • - Stud “Lann”
  • - leader for the holidays
  • - Website for pyrotechnics
  • - Website of advertising agency for outdoor advertising “media library”
  • - Website “Elephant”, LED signs
  • - Website World Championships in Athletics 2013
  • - Online shop home products
  • - The site of the dental clinic “Dental Clinic”
  • - Website designed for beauty salons (lists, reviews)
  • - martial arts club bushido
  • - Perfumery and Cosmetics
  • - Website of cosmetics D’azur
  • - Company “Donbass Agro Group”
  • - Website rental of construction equipment
  • - Rental Property Website
  • - Website Workshop - training professionals
  • http://melani-style.coma - Online store of women’s clothing
  • - Website notary Goldarb
  • - Website Architecture and Construction Bureau “Complex”
  • - Website Construction Company “Complex”

All of these sites have control systems. A finished design from the customer can reduce the cost of the work to 1000 UAH. For the rise in price lead the following modules: weather, payment, forums, etc.