Production and large format printing in Donetsk

Advertising agency " Effect marketing " has been producing large-format printing and interior. We can offer you a decent price,best quality and short terms of  making  printin print design. In addition, our designers can help make a reality of any idea or develop your own original solution for your needs.
 To date, large-format printing in Donetsk is actively used in the design of exhibitions, creating posters, billboards itc. Without it is a part of a major advertising campaign. Posters on residential buildings, stretching over the road and billboards on the streets attracted the attention of thousands of people passing by. In this case the cost of large-format printing and placing much lower than the cost of a radio or TV advertising.
As for other printing services (printing of leaflets, brochures, business cards, etc.) - our experts  implements a constant monitoring of this sector of the advertising market and are informed of all of its nuances. We can always offer  best of the  prices and qualityof the current advertising market.