Development of corporate identity and branding in Donetsk

Development of corporate identity by advertising agency in Donetsk “Effect marketing” is an integral part of forming the image of the company, which in turn allows it to stand out favorably from the competition and become recognizable. Sometimes, reliable selection of decisive competitive advantage, making optimal media plan and correct supplying of promotional materials decides the fate of the business.

Today in Donetsk branding can cost from 750 to 20 000 UAN. There are different agencies, names, quality. But the new team consisting of young and talented developers eager to prove themselves and get major customers, and therefore offering lower prices, at times, much more recent approaches and solutions.

In the case of a complex order (for example, printing and distribution of leaflets) we can offer you a substantial discount on the layouts. We are working in the state of experienced designers, but if necessary we will involve contracting conditions for you designer with experience in development of your theme.

Below there are the options of our work with existing corporate identity of the customer:

Corporate Identity Design in Donetsk of our own development.

We illustrate the steps of the design of corporate identity in Donetsk.

Developing the canvas and name, we gradually particularize corporate style, listening to intuition, and every thought of the client:

Another example illustrating the branding in Donetsk, made in the Ad agency “Effect marketing”:

Customer is a large plant for the production of personal and industrial protection. First we created the logo (a stylized protective mask) and a slogan, found and approved corporate colors. After we designed letterhead (colors symbolize consistent clean air), picked fonts etc.

Sometimes corporate identity development in Donetsk is made not for the whole enterprise, but only for its separate entity or object. As part of this work, a logo and corporate identity were created, “a variety of drawings” and modeled interiors, an aerial photography was conducted:

Generation “Advertising concepts”

Correctly chosen communication channel is only 50% of success rate. The remaining 50% - is a literate advertising message, which will touch a desired string in the soul of your potential customers.

Advertising concept, ordered from us and assuming delivery of customer willing to adapt a layout in electronic form, can cost from 250 UAN and more.

The price may be significantly higher if:

It is expected to make an exit photoshoot ( 300 UAN ), 3D- modeling (250 UAN ) , involving patterns (200 UAN ) , aerial photography ( 700 UAN ) etc.

Here is an example of our own design such a “concept” for advertising paintball club “Garrison” on hoardings in Donetsk.

The final cost for the customer - 350 UAN. The result is an increase in sales by 30 % when using one “board”. Layout - see for yourself:

Design of corporate identity in Donetsk may involve all non-standard solution. For example, it is part of the “jeans” panel that was created for the brand shop “Levis” in the shopping center “Donetsk City”. Price of this work (including manufacturing and installation) is 3000 UAH

As for naming:

The exact price we can say after you complete a short brief. We have not a big experience, but nevertheless:

  • Naming, corporate identity, logo and website of “Floresta”
  • Naming, corporate identity, logo and website of “Startak”
  • Naming, corporate identity, logo and website of “OK”
  • Naming, corporate identity, logo for the business center “Ducat”
  • Corporate Identity (adaptation), development of the site for “Seda”:
  • Development of corporate identity and logo for the company “NEP” (incidentally we made ​​the site)
  • Development of corporate identity and logo for the company “Ukrgezmesk”: (incidentally we made ​​the site)

These logos and logos made ​​for western companies are represented in our gallery.

In addition, we can help you to develop a marketing strategy.