We are glad to announce that the advertising agency  " Effect marketing " can create a souvenirs. Present is not an complete list of possible gift products with the application of branding:

T-shirts and caps, cups, pens, lighters, key chains, glasses, plastic and paper bags, flags and pennants, clocks, ashtrays, matches and lighters, souvenir magnets, corkscrews, diaries and notebooks in the spring, etc.

In general, it is theoretically possible to apply your logo on any surface:

  • Paper and cardboard design;
  • Wood and metal;
  • Acrylic and plastic;
  • Textiles;
  • Banner fabrics;
  • Self-adhesive tape, etc.

 Possible ways of application:

 Silk screen printing, pad printing, embossing, "stamping", thermal printing, embroidery, decals, etc.

And each of the myriad of options has its own industrial and technological features. Custom formulated to our expert, you can get a price for this advertising service. Do not forget that souvenirs can be heard along with the promoters of distribution of leaflets during the various activities.