According to the future advertizing activity your company, we are glad to offer you the service of "direct-marketing" on following databases of VIP-clients in Donetsk and Donetsk region:

1. Proprietors of cottage real estate — 87 contacts.

2. VIP-clients of expensive country hotels — 298 contacts.

3. VIP-clients of Donetsk restaurants and fitness-clubs (the price of the year subscription from 1800 to 2700 $.) — 300-400 contacts.

4. Proprietors of business (with an annual turnover not less than 37 500 $) - 200 — 300 contacts.

5. Top management of large corporations of Donetsk and region — apprx. 50 contacts.

Total: approx.: 935 – 1200 contacts of VIP-clients.

The steps of realization the "direct marketing" service and it's price:

1. We determine target audience.

2. We formulate the criterion of an estimation of project targets.

3. We plan the stages of communicative schemes.

4. We develop idea of package for potential customer (dm-case), we create the design concept, we determine the budget.

5. We create an effect of «package expectations».

6. We perform delivery (mailing).

7. We specify the reception of a the package by the respondent.

8. Than we will convince in readiness of the respondent (vip-client) for purchasing your services.

The prices of direct-marketing activity:

1. Development of the concept (idea) of your "direct marketing" service. - 290 $.

2. Professional selection of databases for mailings. - it is included in cost.

3. The first, second, and the all subsequent (if its need) calls to the potential customer (the calls performed by the professional teleexperts in marketing) — 0.6 $ per each call.

4. Package delivery. - The price depends on the selected supplier of delivery: from 0,35 $ (in case of “ukrpost” delivery) to approx. 3 $ in case of DHL delivery (for example).
5. The price of distributing material in each package depends on it's content.
6. Agency earnings — 15 % from a total sum (except the price of distributing materials).

Our recommendations: Fitness and SPA club “Le Maree”, elite cottage settlement "Horoshovo", premium club-hotel Roche Royal, salon of curtains «Red cat» etc.

Yours faithfully,

the director of «Effect marketing» company,

Morgun Dmitry

tel. 050-938-88-87

@: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it